Now that it’s Father’s Day, it’s time to honor all those hard-working dads out there, especially those that have started their own businesses. If you know a dad that is a small business owner or you are one yourself, thinking about group health insurance for the employees is the next step to improve the quality of the business. Group health coverage is important for small businesses and the right group coverage can be the difference between happy employees who look forward to work every day and employees who are biding their time until something better comes along. Employee satisfaction is a motivator when considering whether or not to offer group health insurance. In our next newsletter, we will discuss just how easy it is to secure health insurance with Sargeant Insurance Agency, LLC.

Why Group Health Insurance

  • Meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and reduce both the business and employee federal income tax obligations.
  • Group coverage is a great way to reduce absenteeism. The business will continue to run smoothly because employees who have health insurance care for themselves better.
  • Employers who have health insurance are more likely to have loyal employees. When employers offer coverage to their employees they tend to see less turnover and that means less retraining and more dependability.
  • Providing health coverage for employees shows them that they are appreciated.
  • Employers who have health insurance receive lower workers’ compensation rates. Employees are far less likely to file workers’ compensation claims if the have health insurance coverage.

For more information on group health insurance for your small business or one of a great dad you know, contact Sargeant Insurance Agency, LLC at 818-561-2600.