If you own a small business and you don’t think group health insurance matters to employees, let us stop you right there. Good benefits, including good group health insurance, can mean the difference between the employee taking a job with your company or passing to go with another. You don’t want to miss out on good candidates because you aren’t putting your employees’ needs first.

Reduce Absenteeism
When employees miss work, it’s hard for your business operations to run smoothly. Group coverage is proven to reduce absenteeism – meaning your employees will be there and ready to go. What business owner wouldn’t want that?

Keep Your Employees
Offering good group health insurance to your team will also help keep them with your company. With less turnover, your company can operate better and really focus on what the business does best.

Meet ACA Requirements
By meeting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), you can reduce both the business and employee federal tax income obligations.

Lower Workers’ Comp Rates
Employees are far less likely to file workers’ compensation claims if they have health insurance coverage.

Show Them You Care
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to provide group health coverage is because it shows your employees that you care about their well-being. Feeling cared for and appreciated goes incredibly far with employees.

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