It’s October and the kids are planning their Halloween costumes as they excitedly await the night where they’ll go door to door filling trick-or-treat bags with candy. We all can remember the excitement surrounding that spooky October feeling in the air and how fun it was to run around the neighborhood dressed up with your friends. While Halloween is an enjoyable time, the excitement and increase in activity at night often correlates to an increase in vandalism, accidents, and sometimes even the unexplained. Keeping your home and/or business protected with homeowners insurance and commercial property insurance is important, as is taking a few precautions to avoid accidents. Here are a few tips on keeping your home and/or business safe this time of year.

Have This Coverage

It’s important to have homeowners insurance for your home and commercial property insurance for your business. Don’t have it? Get it. Most homeowners and commercial property insurance policies should cover any kind of vandalism or if someone should unfortunately get hurt on your property. Take a look back at another one of our blogs about why commercial property is a must-have for your business so you can see when it comes into play and all that it covers.

And Then Some

Should many things go wrong on Halloween night and for some reason you reach your policy’s cap, your umbrella insurance should kick in – but that’s only if you have it. Read more about umbrella insurance, the insurance you didn’t know you needed.

Make Your Property Safe

If an influx of people are going to be walking around your personal or commercial property, you want to make sure the area is safe. Any Halloween decorations or other obstructions that could be in someone’s path should be removed to prevent someone from tripping and falling. You also want to make sure your walkway is well-lit to help visitors safely walk around.

Keep Pets Away

Kids running around neighborhoods knocking on doors and loose pets are not a good combination. Keep your pets inside and also away from the front door to avoid any issues during trick-or-treating. If you’re a homeowner with a dog, read this to learn more about your homeowner’s insurance and its coverage of dog bites.

Don’t Forget About Your Vehicles

Whether for your personal or commercial vehicle (or both), make sure you leave nothing valuable in it over night to attract unwanted attention. Obviously park your car in a garage if possible, but if leaving it outside is your only option, it’s best to park near good lighting. Regardless, don’t forget to lock it and set any alarms!

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